Cake to serve 500

Date - 26/10/2015 / Author - Helen Jones / Category - Uncategorized

cake to serve 500

It all started a few months ago with me casually saying ” I’ll make a cake” during discussions about the my children’s schools planned celebrations for their 150 birthday.

Scroll forward and we are now a fortnight from the planned date and the cake pops into my brain! Cake to serve 500!

cake to serve 500


What to do…….. a spectacular tiered design or something altogether more simple.

I decided on simple or so I thought! Baking a cake to serve 500 was never going to be simple. working out how big it needed to be was just the start. First I planned to hire or borrow a few extra tins so I could batch bake but then realised the cake I was planning would be too big.

From start to finish the cake took 3 days , 4 kg of sugar, 4.5 kg of Flour, 72 free range eggs, 4 kg of butter, 100 ml vanilla extract, 2.5 kg of buttercream and 2 jars of Jam.

To decorate required  6 kg of sugarpaste.

I planned the distribution by making the cake out of 16 individually iced cakes and even measured to make sure it would fit through the door and fit in my boot but i didn’t even consider the overall weight of the cake once it was iced and decorated. Thank God for friends that’s all I can say. Measuring over 2 foot square it took 2 of us to load into the car.

All arrived safe and sound at school in time for the celebrations I’m pleased to say and was loved by all……….so many happy kids It makes it all worthwhile


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