Brownies in a cup

Date - 28/07/2015 / Author - Helen Jones / Category - Recipes

End of the school term always means lots of extra baking to make gifts for school teachers and assistants, office staff and lunch time supervisors, we always make gift for our club leaders who do a fabulous job all year round running Beavers and Brownies. This year Olivia choose Brownies so we found some pretty cups and decided to make Brownies in a cup.  I rescued the go to brownie recipe from the fridge door…….a photocopied piece of paper from a Mary Berry recipe book that was given to me years ago by a friend has over time deteriorated so I really must write it out properly. Over the years it has evolved and is made in a range of flavours and even works brilliantly if you substitute the flour for gluten free flour ( I like doves farm self raising flour) and the fat for a dairy free spread. Just recently I have been experimenting with the new range of sugar and crumbs flavoured cocoa powders and I must say the chocolate cherry is my favourite.

We made chocolate coconut and double chocolate brownies for Our brownie leaders and I have posted the basic double chocolate recipe below.

Happy Baking !!


brownies in a cupDouble chocolate Brownies


4 large free range eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla extract 275g butter or stork

375g caster sugar

100g self raising flour

75g cocoa powder

100g plain chocolate chips ( I like callebut 56% but any will work )

oven tray or disposable foil tray ( I use 10”x 7” disposable trays ) Base line with greaseproof


  • Pre heat oven to 180 ( fan 160) gas 4
  • Weigh all the ingredients into a mixer bowl , a beat until combined ( I use a Kenwood stand mixer but you could use a hand mixer) .
  • Pour into the tin smooth the top & bake until a skewer comes out clean , approximately 40-45 minutes. the top will have a crust and should still be moist underneath
  • Leave to cool in tin for 30 minutes then turn out onto a cutting board, remove the grease proof and cut into slices or squares , put the tray back onto and flip the board over so that the brownies go back into the tray and allow to cool thoroughly.
  • Dust with cocoa powder and serve. These are best if eaten within 48 hours but if you have any over they are super lightly warmed in the microwave ( approx 30 sec on full ) then served with vanilla ice cream
  • Experiment with different flavours by adding different extracts or different flavour chocolate chips or even chopped nuts or cherries

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