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Cake to serve 500

It all started a few months ago with me casually saying ” I’ll make a cake” during discussions about the my children’s schools […]

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Christmas cakes and more

Late August and early September planning month in the cake makers diary…… What shall we make for christmas this year? Will it just be Christmas […]

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Back to school…life of a home baker

back to school…Life of a home baker I love working from home, having the flexibility to take my children to school every day, and […]

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Rustic style wedding at the Bull Wrotham featuring “naked” Cake

I was truly honoured to make this rustic “naked” style wedding cake recently. When Jo described her wedding style I knew this cake would […]

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Brownies in a cup

End of the school term always means lots of extra baking to make gifts for school teachers and assistants, office staff and lunch […]

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Banana and Peanut Butter Cake

I’ve been baking for more years than I want to count and I always find it interesting how recipes evolve over this time, […]

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