Back to school…life of a home baker

Date - 26/09/2015 / Author - Helen Jones / Category - Uncategorized

back to school teacher cake

back to school…Life of a home baker

I love working from home, having the flexibility to take my children to school every day, and if we want to go out for the day during the school holidays there is no boss to arrange a day off with I just arrange my working week to accommodate.

But the life of a home baker can be a lonely one!!

The long summer holidays  were lovely don’t get me wrong but sometimes I yearn for a regular job, one where you go to work, have time to do your job without constant interruption and the need to be self motivating all the time, and then you get to go home at the end of the day and people you can interact with that don’t burp at the end of every sentence or need reassurance and feeding at regular intervals.

It feels so wrong to feel so unsatisfied and its not a permanent feeling just one i get occasionally. I know i’m so lucky to be able to run a business from home as so may would love the opportunity.

Put me back into the workplace full time and I would yearn to be at home…this is why this week has been a good one. the kids are back to school and so am I…. my classes started again this week at our local adult education centre. This gives me a work place to go to, a time to have adult conversation and also a sense of accomplishment that you don’t get when you work by yourself.

All is good, for now at least….ask me again in a few weeks I might just be ready for another school holiday!

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